Rosa Nduati-Mutero

My name is Rosa Nduati-Mutero and I am a member of the Nairobi Chapel, Ngong Road community of believers. I started going to church at Nairobi Chapel back in 1999. I went through the ten weeks Plug-In experience in 2014. As part of the course which seeks to connect participants with God, Church, Community and your destiny we were asked to choose which ministry we would each like to volunteer in. This was a no brainer for me as I am a people person and I have a passion for mentoring young people. Really what inspires me is an opportunity to create a long-term friendship whereas iron sharpens iron the mentees can learn something from me as I learn something from them. For this reason, I chose to join the Logos Scholarship Fund mentoring program.

The Fund’s vision is educating for life and eternity which I find just spot on. Since 2014 I have had the privilege of mentoring many girls who are part of the Fund but I would like to highlight two groups. I met a group of about 9 girls who then were in Form 2 back. I started to mentor them and today they are in their second and third years of their tertiary education. We have developed a good friendship with about 7 of them and we have continued to meet and fellowship together for about 6 years now. Covid times have had a silver lining for us as we have increased our frequency of meeting only that we now meet virtually. I also have three high school girls as my current mentees. These girls whom I started to mentor when they joined form 1 are currently in form 3.

I have gained so much in the mentoring journey I have had at the Scholarship Fund. I have grown tremendously in my ability to relate with teenagers and young adults, I have gained good friends who I can do life with and I have grown in my knowledge of God as our Provider. I pray that in a small way I can continue to impact the lives of these students for life and eternity.

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