I was introduced to mentorship under the Logos Scholarship Fund by a close friend almost 8 years ago. I initially hesitated before enrolling into the program as I figured one needed to have some sort of training or a set of mentoring skills to qualify as a mentor. However, after several persuasions to accompany him to one of the Scholars day sessions and after observing how easily he connected with the scholars and managed to use God’s word to make it relevant in their everyday lives, I resolved to enrol as a Mentor. Another reason for joining the Mentorship Program was that during this time, there was an emerging societal challenge of the neglected boychild which was attributed in part with the rising cases of drugs, alcoholism and criminal activity such as arson in boys’ high schools. There was also growing evidence that many young boys involved in such activities came from dysfunctional families – without men in their lives to emulate or who would walk alongside them in their life’s journeys. Having done Plug-In and given my life to Christ earlier, it became clear that I needed to connect to a social justice cause that would leave a lasting impact on the life of the boy child and the mentorship provided me with this opportunity.

I realized early as a mentor that one needed to purpose to be available during the Scholars Day. It also occurred to me that boys needed to gain one’s trust before opening up and connecting to a mentor, hence consistency in being available during such days was key to building this trust. It also occurred to me that patience, understanding and empathy were attributes I needed to grow and strengthen to naturally connect, interact and engage with the scholars. I have had an exciting 8 years with my mentees which has also been a personal growth journey as well. My previous scholars are currently in the Tertiary Program and it has been amazing to observe what God has done and is continuing to do in their lives. Some were reserved, shy and without clear direction in their lives

but now they are assertive, confident, and with Christ as their Lord and Saviour

– only God can do this. Even as I continue being a dedicated mentor under the

Logos Scholarship Fund, I remain encouraged by the verse Phil 2:12 -13 that reminds

us that we are God’s tools set in motion to accomplish His work. I believe that as

we give ourselves as mentors, we allow God to use us to accomplish his will and

purpose in our generation.

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