My name is Marion Ogeto and I am a lawyer, having graduated from Strathmore University in 2018, and currently awaiting admission to the Bar. I am passionate about human rights and my aim is to create a better world for women and girls from underprivileged, marginalized or vulnerable backgrounds. I am currently interning at Equality Now, an international nongovernmental organization that seeks to promote the rights of women and girls.

I am a Logos Alumnus having joined the program in 2010, when I was a Form One student in Precious Blood Riruta. Mentorship guided me to keep staying strong especially in secondary school when I was struggling with my grades and I would continuously feel defeated, frustrated and sometimes even impossible to overcome the battles. In Form one and two, I was not performing too well at the time, given that I always had very high grades in primary, this also affected me and I wasn’t sure how to deal with the situation. Through mentorship I was able to see that it is never too late and my past does not define my future and emerged with an A- in my KCSE.

My first mentor was Uduak Amimo who dedicated her time to sit with me, go through my school grades and discuss any other matters with me every holiday, during the Scholar’s Day. Uduak inspired me to see that empowerment of women and girls is achievable and that it was possible for me to work hard and define the future I’d like to have. What I also appreciated greatly about her, was that she was also very stern with us and would not hesitate to give us tough love when we needed it- especially when she saw that we were not performing well in school.

The most impactful mentor I have had has been Dr Liz Bukusi. Logos made it a requirement for all its scholars to attend the VUMA program that equips with life skills as we prepare to join University/college after completing the KCSE exams. Dr. Liz has been a part of my life for 7-8 years and has positively influenced my every step of the way. Through Dr. Liz, I have been able to grow in faith and knowledge through the numerous conversations we have had over the years. She also willingly and freely dedicates her time with her mentees by meeting with us every month where we discuss our faith as well as our challenges and opportunities in life. We have celebrated holidays together, travelled together, had sleepovers, went for hikes and Zumba classes together, just to name a few.

Therefore, I am very grateful for the mentors I was able to have through the Logos program and I also look forward to giving back to Logos, by becoming a mentor to young ladies.

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