I joined Logos in August 2011 when I was in my second year of high school studies at Starehe Boys Centre. Apart from school fees, one of the most fundamental benefits I received from Logos was being assigned a mentor during my first school break after joining Logos. From our very first interaction it was apparent that he was passionate about mentoring young people and was committed to my success and personal development. I benefited directly from tuition classes (personally taught by my mentor) for a subject I had trouble with at school and managed to turn my grades around.

I transitioned to the University of Nairobi, where I undertook a Finance major in Bachelor of Commerce. At this time, I got to put into practice a lot of the skills I gained from mentorship to make an impact on others through service to my community, both school and church. I was involved in the campus Christian Union and volunteered in Plug-In (the discipleship ministry at Nairobi Chapel), Kuhani (the teens worship ministry) and Man Enough (the men’s ministry) at Nairobi Chapel. I graduated in December 2019 and I’m currently working at Deloitte & Touche as a Tax and Legal Associate.

Through my mentorship journey I have gained valuable life skills, clarity of mind and purpose which have enabled me to articulate my goals at every stage and pursue them in a more calculated and thought out manner. My self-confidence and belief in myself has grown tremendously from the time I joined Logos. My spiritual life has also been greatly impacted through discipleship. I have had numerous and continuous sessions with my mentor to explore Christianity and basically do life together. I have witnessed my own faith grow which further impacted my relationships with my colleagues, friends and family.

I am eternally grateful for the mentorship opportunity provided by Logos, through my mentor and friend Pastor Victor Mbugua.

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