Brief History

The Logos Scholarship Fund was founded in 2008 out of a great need to support families that had sought refuge at our Ngong Road campus grounds after the tragic 2007/2008 post-election violence that rocked our nation, Kenya.

Among this population were students about to sit their national examinations who had their future suddenly obscured and now living in uncertain conditions that made it near impossible to enable learning. Nairobi Chapel (Ngong Road), which is nestled between high-brow and low-income density areas, responded to the needs of those in the camps in the neighbouring Kibera, Ngando and Kawangware environs, all informal settlements.

Later, through an inter-church initiative called “Msafara Wheels of Hope”, Nairobi Chapel identified affected areas around the country, singled out the immediate needs of the students, housed them in half-way homes and gave them hope in the midst of a challenging environment.

As the scholars moved into High School, with many of their parents still housed in the camps, the challenge was how they would manage the school fees; we knew the work had just begun. These were our very first LOGOS Scholars under the then “Jubilee Scholarship Fund”.

Through the unwavering support of our sponsors and mentors, we have since sponsored over 500 students in various high schools, universities and colleges in 40 counties in Kenya.