Objectives of Logos Scholarship Fund

The LOGOS Scholarship Fund is designed to “Educate for life and Eternity”. It hopes to break the vicious cycle of poverty through Transformational Education. This is achieved through the following :

  1. Discipleship: The program intentionally points scholars to Godly values and enables them develop in their relationship with God.
  2. Mentorship: Each scholar is assigned a mentor to walk with them through their time in the program. The scholars meet for a day with their mentors on day we call the Scholars Day, which happens during the school holidays of April and August. At the end of the year we hold a five-day camp where they interact with the Logos staff team, counsellors and mentors to equip them spiritually and impact them with life skills.
  3. Wholistic Approach: The program has adopted an approach that endeavours to address the four spheres of life (spiritual; mental, social-emotional and physical) in a balanced and wholistic way
  4. Logos Discipleship Bible School (LDBS): In the gap year after completing high school, scholars undergo a two months residential Bible school (LDBS) which prepares them for college life through intentional discipleship; practical life skills and inspirational experienced focused towards character formation. The scholars also undergo a job shadow experience towards orientation to their respective careers.