Project Description

Love In Action

I am a member of the Nairobi Chapel and part of the Upper Hill Ekklesia family. Together, we support 10 children in partnership with German families. For our eGroup, contributing to the fund has helped us continuously appreciate the important place that giving has in our faith walk. We have experienced a great sense of unity knowing that we get the chance to partner with Nairobi Chapel to help young Kenyans realize their dreams of getting a proper education and a chance to better their lives.

I think our country is at a critical point in history and in our own small way we are taking back this land for God by sowing seeds of hope into these young people which have all the potential to grow into greatness.

We have had the chance to attend mentoring activities and meet the kids we sponsor. We spent a great time with them. It’s not enough though, and we know this is an area that we will continue to grow in this year. Young people have a thirst for God and are looking for answers to their real-life questions! It is humbling that God has given us a chance to speak into these young people’s lives as they gure out who they are in Christ and how they will face their daily challenges.

Personally, I have helped coordinate our giving to Jubilee for the past 2 years and it has been my honour to serve in this way. I have always had a heart for children. This is another way that I get to express my calling! Professionally, I work with an NGO serving children so it’s all very consistent. As I have served in coordinating our giving, I have gotten to know the team at Nairobi Chapel and acquired a great appreciation for the e ort it takes from them to keep things going!

Finally, I pray that God continues to increase my eGroup’s and my family’s calling and commitment towards our support of the fund, even as God continues to renew our strength to be ever faithful to this call.