Project Description

Love In Action

Mellan is a bold, determined and confident young lady with a gift of the garb. Mellan is truly a joy to all of us. She is talented, detailed and organized and will be joining Technical University of Mombasa to study a diploma in Supply Chain Management. She is excited to be joining this course as she knows it will enhance her management style and compliment her personality as she looks to getting into the marketplace.

In the in-between, Mellan has been working in a restaurant where she cooks, cleans and waits on customers. She earns an income which allows her to meet her personal needs and the daily needs of the family. Through the temporary job, her relational skills have been enhanced as she interacts with diverse customers with different personalities. She has also learnt that one has from time to time put in their personal resources to keep a business running.

She has become more disciplined as she has to wake up early so as to report to work at 6:30 am and more organized in undertaking her personal chores as she gets home late and usually very exhausted.